Under contract

Under contract
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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded Vector Laboratories a more than $141,000 contract to provide Ricin A chain to its Center for Domestic Preparedness. Ricin is a deadly poison that has been used in attacks through the mail, including one package sent to former President Obama. However, the Ricin A chain “has been isolated from extremely toxic” version of the protein that makes it easier to use in experiments while maintaining the potency of the original. 

The Library of Congress awarded an $8,000 contract to Sam Serafy to help obtain the rights to television clips that will be shown in its upcoming “Baseball Americana” exhibition that is set to be unveiled alongside the 2018 All-Star Game in Washington. Among other things, it will feature three “unique short-firm projections” of video clips and photos and four “unique looping programs of curated AV clips, one of which will be dedicated to the great calls in baseball history and may have sound tracks.” As the contractor, Serafy must “research and identify copyright holders for film and televisions clips to be shown in the upcoming exhibition then shall obtain all copyright clearances for selected materials.”


The General Services Administration awarded a $918,000 contract to Mascaro Construction Company to complete the latest part of the construction of a new federal courthouse in Harrisburg, Pa. The contractor will help complete the “design phase services with an option for early site packages and an option for building construction.” The overall project is projected to cost between $125 million and $150 million.

The State Department awarded a contract worth more than $377,000 to AZBUKUM  Centre for Serbian Language and Culture to teach Serbian to department employees.

The Federal Reserve awarded a nearly $78,000 contract to LSSI to install more than 200 specialized GPS-connected clocks at the Board of Governors office in Washington. Within the contract documents is a nondisclosure agreement the contractor must sign, promising not to disclose any nonpublic information that it may learn about the Fed.