50 Most Beautiful nominations

Most of the nominations that come into The Hill for its annual 50 Most Beautiful People issue bear just the facts: name, photo, place of employment. Others, however, go into great detail about the proposed beauty. This feature is a nod to those people who took the time to put forth their most convincing — and amusing — arguments for placing their nominees on this year’s list. 

I’d like to nominate [NAME] for The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People list. [NAME] turned down an offer to model for Gucci after graduation to instead work as a staffer for Sen. [NAME]. I have attached a demo shot of him for your consideration.


I would like to nominate [NAME] for the Top 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill. I have worked with [NAME] for only four months, but I can tell you her outside beauty reflects her inner beauty harmoniously. She is radiant, selfless and pure. Her smile can stop a boy in the Hart building hallways any day of the week. She is a fiery staff assistant with the ability to charm anyone. I highly recommend [NAME] for the Top 50 list.

I’d like to nominate [NAME] for The Hill’s 2010 50 Most Beautiful people list. 

Besides being his lucky girlfriend and No. 1 fan, I’m nominating [NAME] because he is a specimen of all that is man. I have to fight girls/my friends/his interns/my mom off of him. It’s disgusting and awesome. He is not only the most interesting and hilarious person you’d ever meet but also an unrivaled storyteller and will surely keep you more entertained with an interview than I can in this short nomination ...

I would like to nominate [NAME] for 50 Most Beautiful. 

Reasons to pick [NAME]:

• [NAME] has interesting hobbies. He’s very involved in running and swimming and activities relating to being beautiful. He needs to, ’cause he eats like Michael Phelps.

• [NAME] likes kittens and babies, as that makes him more attractive to his suitors.

•  [NAME] is also really tall. You all seem to like people who tower over the Capitol, as we have seen in the 50 Most Beautiful ads. This picture fits right in.

• [NAME] has always wanted to be a French mime in Thailand, only second to his desire to being a French dog whisperer. 

• [NAME] lives beyond his means in order to look beautiful. 

• [NAME] is a special assistant for [MEMBER OF CONGRESS]. He’s hoping for a promotion soon to become Very Special Assistant. 

• [NAME] does not waste his time with anything like volunteering unless it pertains to him being beautiful.

Please meet [NAME]. He is good-looking and really wants to be most beautiful. Just don’t pick him for top 10 or we’ll never hear the end of it.