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50 Most Beautiful People for 2011



Age: 24

Hometown: Bayville, N.J.
Political party: Republican
Relationship status: Single

Mike Goscinski has an unusual item to thank for helping pave his path to Washington – a dirty martini. 

At 18, the St. John’s University graduate lied in order to snag his first bartending job in New York by claiming he knew how to mix drinks. 

“Luckily, the owner of the bar asked me if I knew how to make a dirty martini, and I knew how,” he explained.

Goscinski’s knack for aiding others’ alcohol intake came in handy again after he graduated from college. He then “decided it was time to find a new city” and headed to Washington without a job or a place of his own. 

After crashing at a friend’s apartment, he quickly landed a gig behind the bar at the Ugly Mug Pub near Eastern Market, as well as an internship at the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Just because he’s now a legislative aide for Rep. Leonard Lance (R-N.J.) doesn’t mean he’s given up keeping thirsty Washingtonians happy. He still tends bar on weekends at the Ugly Mug. “I don’t sleep a lot,” he admits. 

When not holding down a full-time job or serving up drinks, Goscinski keeps busy batting for the House softball league. His tips for looking good might not be for everyone. 

“No sleep, a lot of Jameson,” he said with a laugh.

While he’s not sure what his “life plan” is just yet, Goscinski joked that one thing’s for certain. 

“When I make my millions,” he said, “I’ll still bartend one or two nights a week.”

–Judy Kurtz