Intern throws out rotten meat

When Jonathan Kent began his internship at the office of newly elected Rep. Peter WelchPeter Francis WelchDems unlikely to subpoena Bolton Democratic candidates gear up for a dramatic Super Tuesday A disaster for diplomacy and the Zionist dream MORE (D-Vt.), he wasn’t the only new person. Together with the rest of the staff, they started work as a team.

“It’s great to do an internship for a new member, because I learn together with the rest of the staff. I get opportunities I don’t think I would have gotten if I wouldn’t have been at a new office,” Kent says.

Kent was born in Vermont, but he studies political science at Northeastern University in Boston. He sought an internship with Welch because he wanted to get closer to Vermont, where he says his heart is.

Of his new boss, Kent says, “He is progressive, pragmatic and he isn’t afraid for speaking up to get things done.”

To date, what the intern is most proud of is writing a draft of a floor speech. “It felt amazing to hear [Welch] use some of the sentences I had written,” Kent says.

But he has been handling basic intern duties, too. On his first day at the new office, they had a reception with ham and turkey from Vermont. The leftovers were put in the fridge and forgotten.

“I had to take out the rotten meat,” Kent says, laughing at the memory. “Everyone felt so bad that I had to do it. Now there is cheese in there that I’m worried about. Maybe I have to quit my internship before it gets bad.”

Kent isn’t that keen on D.C. because he thinks it lacks a homey feeling. But he loves politics. His dream is to run for office someday.

“Though we aren’t in the best situation right now, and it maybe feels impossible to change anything, you can, which is amazing,” Kent says. “I want to go out and make a difference.”

Margareta Heed