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The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People

Age: 28
Hometown: Atlanta
Political party: Democratic
Relationship status: In a relationship

Though Stephanie Young considers Atlanta her hometown, she says she’s more of “nomad” than a true Georgian. And she’s on the move again. Young left her job as the communications director for the Congressional Black Caucus to join President Obama’s reelection campaign as the deputy communications director in Florida.

Young’s life on the road started when she was 8. Her father — a bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church — moved the family to South Africa in 1992, shortly before the country’s first multiracial elections. Young says that’s where she got her first taste of politics.

“I got to see everything change firsthand,” she says. “My parents were very involved in the election in helping people to vote. I think that was when I really saw or found an interest in politics.”

Young initially came to Washington as a journalist for PBS “Newshour.” But when Obama emerged as a candidate in 2008, she had a desire to re-engage with the side of politics that she first encountered in South Africa.

“I realized that I really had to be in a place where I could express myself,” she says.

Young’s first job in politics was at Rock The Vote. After the 2008 election, she worked as a press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and eventually ended up at the CBC after the 2010 midterm elections. 

Though Young says she’s excited for her new job and doesn’t know whether she’ll return to Capitol Hill, she says she’ll miss the sense of community among congressional staffers.

Capitol Hill is “definitely a family feeling — it almost feels like I’m in school again,” she says. “I don’t know if I’ve graduated, but the sky’s the limit when I get off the campaign.”

— Zach Bergson