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The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People

Age: 32
Hometown: East Longmeadow, Mass.
Political party: Nonpartisan
Relationship status: Single

Brynn Rovito is not afraid to dress sexy, even as a lawyer for the Senate sergeant at arms.

“People’s style in D.C. is different — they’re more conservative,” says Rovito, who has also lived in Hawaii and Brooklyn. “I’m not a Tory Burch-and-pearls type of person.”

These days she prefers black tank tops and jeans that complement her petite figure and direct personality. A few years ago, however, she was really into name-brand handbags, and her search for the latest must-have accessory lured her to Hawaii, where she discovered she could sell what she bought in a retail store at a substantial mark-up online.

“I was meeting people in hotel lobbies and swapping handbags,” she recalls. “It was the early days of online selling. It was like the Wild West.”

The hot market eventually cooled, and Rovito decided to go to law school. A hometown connection with Senate Sergeant at Arms Terry Gainer led to an internship on Capitol Hill, and ultimately, a job.

Still, she could not resist the topsy-turvy allure of the private sector — in this case, the restaurant scene on 14th Street NW — and took a side gig as a bartender at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, a trendy spot that is usually packed.

She has an easy-going personality that invites friendship, but guys who want her attention have to show more than bare-minimum courage.

“A lot of guys would leave numbers on credit card slips and say, ‘Call me,’ ” she says. “Come on — grow a pair!”

She ended up leaving Pearl Dive because the late weekend hours became too tiring. She quips her phone has since stopped ringing.

Rovito’s looking for a slower pace of life these days. She’s contemplating a move from her Adams Morgan apartment in the city to Virginia and plans to get a dog. After living for years with hipsters in trendy neighborhoods, she’s ready to give the suburbs a try — but pearls are still out. 

— Alexander Bolton