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The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People

Age: 26
Hometown: Paducah, Ky.
Political party: Republican
Relationship status: Girlfriend

Washington politics might run through Caleb Smith’s veins, but Nashville is flowing through his closet. 

The 26-year-old new media director for the House Financial Services Committee embraced the trendy fashion during his freshman year of college in the Music City, and he never let go.

That doesn’t mean he has a wardrobe heavy on cowboy boots — though he owns a pair and swears he gets strange looks when he occasionally dons them for a night out. 

Instead, his wardrobe was developed through “trial and error,” and is punctuated by layers — vests and jackets — combined with a mix of eye-catching belt buckles and colorful watches. 

“Guys can’t accessorize that much,” he says. “Girls have a lot more options in that regard, and a watch can really set things apart.” 

He chooses to spiff up the city’s power-suit dress code with a “pop” of color in ties and socks. During his interview, he raises his leg to show off red-and-black-striped socks that match his red shirt. 

“I’m conscious of how I look — I love working out, I love being active,” he says. 

The former high school soccer and baseball player turned gym rat and runner has filled out his formerly “scrawny” frame, and now jokes about how he “can barely fit through the door.”

“I’ve beefed up a little, and my shape has changed a lot,” he says. 

He has his weaknesses, though. 

“I’m a terrible eater,” he says. “I have a sweet tooth.”

Smith says he could give up alcohol and caffeine but couldn’t live without his Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers and Gummi Bears.

Smith made two New Year’s resolutions — to hit the gym more and be more outgoing with women. 

Both paid off: He hasn’t let up on the gym and he’s had a girlfriend for six months. 

— Vicki Needham