Dahlkemper: Let me in. I’m a member of Congress

Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper (D-Pa.) celebrated the Democrats’ victory in the congressional baseball game Tuesday night at a tavern near Nationals Park. But she nearly didn’t even get into the stadium.

ITK spotted Dahlkemper standing outside section 123 of Nationals Park as one of her staff members pleaded with a ticket-taker to allow the congresswoman to enter.

“But she’s a member of Congress,” the young woman said, “and this is the congressional baseball game!”

Apparently that wasn’t good enough for the ticket lady, who insisted that they wouldn’t be allowed in without tickets.

According to a spokeswoman, tickets were procured with assistance from organizers, and Dahlkemper was eventually allowed in.

The lawmaker stayed for the duration of the game, which the Dems won handily, 13-5. A few hours later, Dahlkemper was jovial as she shared some pizza and brews with her staff and daughter Tricia at Justin’s tavern.