BP CEO action figure released

Just in case BP CEO Tony Hayward needs a little more grief these days, Herobuilders on Monday released an action figure of the embattled corporate executive.


The “BP CEO Inaction Figure” is a 12-inch-tall plastic man sporting khaki pants, a black T-shirt and a sign around the neck that lists his employment “qualifications” as follows:

1. Underestimates

2. Destabilizes local economies

3. All around wanker

The Hayward doll even has the CEO’s piercing blue eyes.

But the Hayward jabs don’t stop at the doll. Herobuilders has also created the BP Polluted Ocean Globe to fulfill your satirical Christmas gift needs.

The globe contains a miniature oilcan, a starfish, a seashell and a tar ball, all set against a backdrop of the green BP logo.

Shake it, and black rain sprinkles over everything. It may be depressing, but it’s pretty clever, too.

Doll and globe both go for $34.95 and are available at Herobuilders.com.