Rep. Pence talks Katy Perry, Ke$ha and his bunny Tyrone

Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.) played a word-association game on WLBC’s wake-up radio show Wednesday morning. Among the surprises: he likes pop star Katy Perry (but not Ke$ha) and he once had a pet rabbit named Tyrone.

Pence gave a thumbs-up to pop star Perry (whose breakout hit was titled “I Kissed a Girl”), despite being unable to name any of her songs. But rapper Ke$ha got a thumbs-down (after all, her big song “Tik Tok” is about partying all night). The source of Pence's musical picks, ITK later learned, was his 17 year-old daughter Charlotte Pence.


Pence also revealed that he wasn’t invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding this weekend (surprise, surprise).

County fairs: “Love ’em!”

Short-sleeved dress shirts: “Wearing one right now!” 

Then host Steve Lindell said “bunny rabbits,” and Pence paused before uttering, “What?” 

“Bunny rabbits,” Lindell over-enunciated. 

“I used to own one,” Pence offered, “and his name was Tyrone.” 

Props to Pence for a highly original bunny name, despite questionable taste in shirts.