Quigley defends Meehan’s hockey skills; Blackhawks star defends Quigley

Meehan and Quigley played together on a team of lawmakers in last Thursday’s Congressional Hockey Challenge, losing to a squad of lobbyists, 5-3. 


According to some reports, Meehan didn’t fare as well on the ice as his fellow lawmakers, and one scribe observed that Meehan got faked out so badly by a female lobbyist that he fell down. Before the game, Meehan revealed that he hadn’t played hockey since college, more than 25 years ago.

Quigley, the team’s captain, took issue with the reports. “You know, some people went after Pat’s game, but that’s bulls--t,” he told ITK Friday.

“You want to make a big deal out of one guy who fell on the ice? Then you get you’re a-- out there and play, and see if you can skate as well as Pat did.” 

And while this might sound a little harsh for the halls of Congress, in the world of ice hockey, heated exchanges are par for the course. Just ask Chicago Blackhawks star wing Patrick Kane, who attended Thursday’s game and got a little heated himself. Only, Kane was defending Quigley. 

“I got board-checked late in the third period,” Quigley said of a smash-up with lobbyist Jeff Kimbell. “So I came off the ice, and there’s Kane, arguing with the ref that he should call a foul on the guy for me.” 

No penalty was called, but it was clear Quigley appreciated Kane’s gesture.