Polis experiences ‘Charlie Sheen’ effect

Polis, a prolific tweeter, confessed last Friday that he was a tad jealous of the troubled actor’s world-record-setting debut on the social networking site (Sheen garnered a million followers in 25 hours).


“I have 8,188 twitter followers after yrs of tweeting, @charliesheen has 2,588,966 after a week #winning,” Polis griped.

Apparently someone was listening, because Polis told ITK that ever since he mentioned Sheen, his daily tally of new followers has doubled.

“I used to get about five new people a day,” he explained. “But it jumped to 10 a day after Friday, and it’s holding steady.” 

At this rate, Polis joked, “It’s only going to take me 684 years to catch up with Charlie Sheen!"