Three-year engagement ends as Rep. Pingree weds over the weekend in a small ceremony

The ceremony was tiny, with only Pingree’s and Sussman’s children in attendance.


Later on Saturday, the newlyweds broke the big news for friends who had gathered for a “barn party” in North Haven, according to a press release from Pingree’s office.

ITK has never been to a barn party before, but we’re sure that Pingree’s was plenty festive. The party ended up being a two-fer: Celebrating Sussman’s 65th birthday as well as the wedding. (What do you get a billionaire for his birthday, anyway?)

The wedding wasn’t exactly a surprise, spur-of-the-moment thing. Pingree, 56, and Sussman were engaged three years ago.

Pingree attracted some criticism for flying on Sussman’s private jet several years ago, but the House Ethics Committee OK’d the travel, citing that the lawmaker and the Wall Street financier were engaged at the time.

Both Pingree and Sussman have previously been married once.