‘Morning Joe’ host 
gulps up to five cups 
of coffee during show

Calling Caffeine-holics Anonymous! Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski need a serious intervention.

The “Morning Joe” hosts are disclosing the nature of their extreme caffeine addiction. The morning MSNBC program airs from 6 to 9 a.m., which means the TV personalities start getting their caffeine fix at the crack of dawn. (Starbucks has been a sponsor of the show since 2009.)


When ITK asked Scarborough what his drink of choice was, the former Republican congressman from Florida explained, “I move around a little bit. Right now, I’m on iced mocha with whipped cream. It’s very unhealthy, but it gives me a jolt.”

After Brzezinski overheard Scarborough mentioning the calorie-heavy concoction, she exclaimed in mock horror, “Oh, he’s still having that? I’m trying to stop the whipped cream! It’s very bad. We’re doing our best.”

While Brzezinski’s pick in caffeinated fare might not weigh her down as much, it does pack a pretty heavy punch: “I have a venti, extra hot, extra foam red-eye Misto light.” Just for the record, that’s three shots of espresso in one drink, folks.

Scarborough admits that just during “Morning Joe” he downs the equivalent of “four or five cups of coffee.” While he says he and Brzezinski may be “shaking or jittering” to get through the three hours, once the show is done it’s a different story: “After that we crash and we’re just trying to keep up the rest of the day.”