Gifts for Prince William and Kate Middleton from lawmakers: Calif. gov gives iPad, Australian mayor chooses trinket box

Kate Middleton and Prince William raked in a bountiful booty from their first year traveling as a newly married royal couple. But how does a present from a U.S. politician stack up against gifts from government leaders around the world? 

Newly released records from the Royal Palace show just what goodies the duke and duchess of Cambridge received while visiting places around the globe last year.


During a July stop in the States, the prominent pair picked up an iPad 2 from California Gov. Jerry Brown (D). It was revealed at the time that the Apple device was pre-loaded with Golden State-themed tunes.

The sheriff-coroner (who apparently pulls double job duty) of Santa Barbara County also gifted the regal twosome with a set of four coasters.

But officials in other countries seemed to take a chance with more, um, unique picks for presents.

The mayor of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, put a little yee-haw into his present, giving the royals two cowboy hats.

The premier of Quebec decided on a soapstone sculpture for the newlyweds.

The mayor of Gannawarra, Australia, bestowed a wooden mantel clock and a trinket box upon the couple, according to the records.

Yet the holder for knickknacks might seem perfectly practical compared to another individual’s choice of gift: a papier-mâché model of a large bird called a cassowary, which resembles a turkey.

A well-wisher in Canada gave Middleton another poultry-inspired present: A peacock feather fascinator.