Fox News’s John Roberts
 discloses his doppelganger

There’s a lot Fox News Channel viewers don’t know about national correspondent John Roberts. For one, he’s engaged to a self-proclaimed “Amish wife.”

 In an interview with The Hill about his network teaming up with Google to analyze primary results, Roberts reveals that his fiancee of nearly two years, CNN anchor Kyra Phillips, is a bit old-fashioned when it comes to technology. While he says Phillips, mom to the couple’s twin babies, uses her BlackBerry a lot, “She doesn’t like the idea of an iPad. She doesn’t like the idea of an iPhone.”


So when she went against her personal preferences and got Roberts an iPad for Christmas, it was delivered with a message attached. Says Roberts, “It came with a note that said, ‘From your Amish wife.’ ”

But the former CNN anchor, who has chugged away on the campaign trail since 1996, might want to get his iPad engraved to show he’s not that other John Roberts — as in, the Supreme Court chief justice.

While Roberts, 55, says no one has ever confused him in person with the Washington judge, because they “look nothing alike,” it can still lead to some confusion over the phone.

He remembers once chatting with 
Carol Lancaster, the dean of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service: “I called her up looking for an interview. I said, ‘This is John Roberts from Fox.’ And she said, ‘Oh, for a second I thought I was getting a call from the chief justice of the Supreme Court.’ ”

Instead, Roberts says there’s another TV personality folks mix the former CBS White House correspondent up with: “The person I get confused with the most is Scott Pelley.”

No word if the “CBS Evening News” anchor has the same trouble.