Sellers asking big bucks for Gingrich domain names

Analysts might not be sold on Newt Gingrich winning the Republican presidential nomination, but website addresses that predict a Gingrich-versus-President Obama matchup are asking for big bucks.

 A merchant on the online auction website,, is hawking 18 domain names that include the former House Speaker’s name. The price tag? A cool half-million George Washingtons.


So for $500,000, a buyer can be the owner of the websites:, and

The Florida-based seller even says it’ll throw in a bunch of other domain suffixes, including .net, .org, .us, .info and .tv, for free.

Even though Gingrich has been tanking in the polls as of late, he’s leading the pack of presidential candidates in price tags for domain names on eBay.

Another seller is offering the domain names Republicans and (for the numerically inclined) for $50,000 on the site.

Compared to the loads of cash being requested for Gingrich and Romney Web addresses, Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) supporters are in for a virtual bargain. Although it might be tricky to type, the starting bid for is set at a mere $99.95.

The Paul seller writes in the listing, “Are you a Ron Paul Republican or are you a Repaulblican? I can just see the merchandise now.”

But it doesn’t appear that any buyers are biting at the offers. So far no one has bid on any of the GOP-inspired Web names for sale.