Dating site users: We want Obama as our sugar daddy

President Obama now boasts a unique honor, although we have a hunch he probably won’t be including it in his next reelection-campaign ad.

In a new survey, more women chose the commander in chief over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to be their “sugar daddy.”


For those not hip to the lingo, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a sugar daddy as a “well-to-do usually older man who supports or spends lavishly on a mistress, girlfriend or boyfriend.”

SeekingArrangement.com, which dubs itself “the elite sugar daddy dating site for those seeking mutually beneficial relationships,” surveyed more than 30,000 of its female members on which White House contender (who, by the way, have collectively been married to their spouses for more than 60 years) they would pick.

While about 34 percent selected Obama, only some 12 percent wanted Romney to fill the role.

About 11 percent of the sugar-daddy seekers (or sugar babies, as the website calls them) made a diplomatic choice, saying they would be happy to have either the president or the former Massachusetts governor indulge them with gifts.

But nearly half of those polled — almost 43 percent — weren’t turned on by the idea of having either Obama, 50, or Romney, 65, be their sugar daddy.

Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement.com, said in a statement that stat indicates his clients are choosy when it comes to their well-off suitors: “While many unfairly stereotype Sugar Babies as gold-diggers who would gladly accept any wealthy man as their Sugar Daddy, our survey shows the contrary. Sugar Babies are extremely picky about the men they date.”