GOP winning political party thong race

The political underwear race seems to be just as tight as the presidential matchup — with sales of Democratic and Republican thongs running neck and neck, or, um, bottom and bottom.

Lingerie company Hanky Panky says since introducing its political party posterior-wear (which includes a bejeweled elephant thong for Republicans, a rhinestone donkey model for Democrats and a flag version for independents) the three styles have been in a virtual dead heat. But sales of the red GOP-friendly fanny floss have been a bit more red-hot than for its blue-colored Democratic counterpart — with customers scooping up about 25 more.


Ali Cudby, a lingerie expert and author of Busted! The Fab Foundations Guide to Bras that Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic, says she’s not surprised that the right is winning the thong throwdown. “It makes sense that the red thongs are outselling the blue. The Republican Party, by definition, is conservative, so anything racy needs to be under wraps. The Dems are liberal — they can sport a sassier wardrobe and get away with it more easily.”

Hanky Panky President and Creative Director Gale Epstein tells ITK in an email the reason the company started selling the $26 lacy derriere décor: “We are a patriotic company, made in the USA. This is an election year, and our thongs are great for gifts so loyalists to their party, country and Hanky Panky can express themselves.”