Sen. McCaskill cooking with Julia

According to her popular Twitter account, the Show-Me State senator spent Sunday cooking the legendary French chef Julia Child’s signature beef bourguignon.


The culinary adventure was part of a rare day alone in Washington for McCaskill. “Kinda weird to have day alone,” she Tweeted early Sunday afternoon.

“Read all the papers, now gonna experiment w/my version of Julia Child’s beef bourguinon recipe in my crock pot.”

By her own account, the only hitch in the senator’s day was a grammatical one: McCaskill misspelled the name of the red wine-braised roast beef dish twice in her Tweets.

Luckily, her big sister and a friendly Twitter follower were there to help.

The senator Tweeted that her older sister noticed a misspelling and sent her an e-mail, then called her on the phone to tell her that her beef bourguignon Tweet was missing the middle G.

“How cute,” McCaskill wrote. “My older sis emailed & called, pointing out I mispelled bouguiGnon. Love her to death, she’s always enjoyed telling me I’m wrong. :)”

Clearly, in the throes of cooking while Tweeting, the multitasking senator then forgot about the R in bourguignon.

When a Twitter follower pointed out that her latest Tweet was short one letter, McCaskill took it in stride.

“Now I’m laughing ourt loud,” she typed, jokingly adding the missing R to her spelling of “out.”
“B O U R G U I G N O N. Bourguignon,” she spelled correctly.

Très bien, Senator. But would now be a bad time to point out that you also misspelled “misspell”?

Obama serves G-20 leaders one of the world’s top wines

After a long day of G-20 summit meetings in Pittsburgh, President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaMiami Herald publishes names of all kids killed by guns since Parkland shooting 
 Virginia can be better than this Democrats have a chance of beating Trump with Julian Castro on the 2020 ticket MORE hosted the leaders of the developed world for a “Working Dinner”: four gourmet courses made from locally sourced ingredients.

But according to the blog site Obama-Food-O-Rama, the real star of the dinner wasn’t on the plate, it was in the wine glass.

The main-course wine pairing was a Delille Cellars Syrah “Yakima Valley Doyenne” 2005, a peppery red that has been acclaimed as one of the top 15 Syrahs in the world.

Online merchants charge about $50 a bottle for the wine, but it’ll cost you another $30 per bottle in shipping costs.

To check out the rest of the menu, go to

Henry Paulson re-emerges in Barney Frank press release

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is a busy guy — so busy he hasn’t had time to read some of the correspondence coming from his office.

Frank had to backtrack last month from a letter he signed on to seeking a Congressional Research Service study on ACORN, explaining he had not read the letter.

Then last Friday, Frank’s office issued a release noting the chairman had sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson seeking a delay on controversial Internet gambling regulations passed by the GOP-led Congress.

Such a letter might have been returned to sender because Timothy Geithner took Paulson’s place in January. The erroneous release was quickly amended, and a spokesman for the committee had no further comment.

Seeking to resolve family crisis,

Klobuchar has close encounter

with Sen. Graham

Being a Senate Mom can be dangerous: Just ask Sen. Amy KlobucharAmy Jean KlobucharFemale Dems see double standard in Klobuchar accusations Klobuchar, O'Rourke visit Wisconsin as 2020 race heats up Harris off to best start among Dems in race, say strategists, donors MORE (D-Minn.), who suffered a tankini-related, high-speed collision in the line of duty.

As the senator recounted to CBS’s Bob Schieffer during a joint Aspen Institute/Atlantic Media conference last week, the high-speed collision occurred moments before she was due to cast her vote last year on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Glued to her cell phone, Klobuchar was rushing through the Capitol, totally engrossed in an emergency that was unfolding on the other end of the line.

“Here I am, about to vote on FISA,” Klobuchar said, “when my daughter [Abigail] calls me, in tears, from the bathing-suit aisle at Target.

“She was sobbing,” Klobuchar continued, “and she said to me, very seriously, ‘Mom, the school says I can’t wear a bikini to the seventh-grade pool party, but I am allowed to wear a tankini, and now I’m at Target with Dad and he doesn’t even know the difference!’

“So there I am on the phone,” Klobuchar said, “and I’m trying to get to the vote and calm her down and get my husband on the phone to explain to him what a tankini is, and what did I do?
“I ran smack into [Sen.] Lindsey GrahamLindsey Olin GrahamGraham: More urgent for kids in Kentucky to have secure border than new school 
 White House, GOP defend Trump emergency declaration Limbaugh calls 25th Amendment discussions 'silent coup' MORE [R-S.C.]!”

For the record, the tankini in question was successfully purchased for Abigail, who recently turned 13. The new teenager’s first order of business? Requesting that her mom’s official Senate bio be changed to reflect the fact that the senator now has a “teenage” daughter.

Schieffer also asked Klobuchar whether fellow Minnesota senator and former comedian Al FrankenAlan (Al) Stuart FrankenVirginia can be better than this Harris off to best start among Dems in race, say strategists, donors Virginia scandals pit Democrats against themselves and their message MORE (D) was still telling jokes. “Oh yeah,” she replied, chuckling. “I get to hear all the good jokes. But I can’t repeat them.”