GOP launches sarcastic 'friend czar' Facebook application

The GOP has unveiled a new tactic in its ongoing effort to dominate social media sites like Twitter and Facebook: a sarcastic Facebook Application that assesses a "tax" on Facebook users deemed to have more than the average number of friends.

"Rise of the Imperial Friendship Fairness Czar" is the title of a news-like post on the GOP's recently redesigned website, under a section heading called "Voices of Reason."


The post explains that "a new Friendship Fairness Czar has recently been appointed, tasked with the daunting responsibility of making sure that every Facebook user is equal."

"This new Czar will help redistribute the wealth of friendship from those who are too popular to those who are poor in friends," it continues.

Readers are then instructed to "please immediately report to the Friendship Fairness Administration on Facebook for your assessment."

Clicking on the link takes visitors directly to Facebook, where the following message appears:

"How much longer will it be before you get the following notice from the new "Friendship Fairness Czar"?

An official-looking notice is pasted below that, titled: "Official Notice of Violation and Assessment of Friendship Tax:"

"An audit of your Facebook account shows that your total number of friends, [The application prints your actual number], is above the average of 120 friends for all Facebook users. The Friendship Fairness Czar has determined that you have an excessive and unfair number of friends and has devised a solution to spread the wealth of friendship. Please click on the postcard to be assessed your tax."

The post is obviously a joke, but its prominent placement next to legitimate op-eds may raise eyebrows on Capitol Hill.