Food Network cameras on Capitol Hill this week

Congressional staffers might want to make a few lunch reservations this week around Capitol Hill and keep their eyes out for Food Network star chef Guy Fieri. 


ITK has learned the hit show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” hosted by Fieri, will be filming this week at a popular Capitol Hill restaurant.

We just can’t tell you which one.

Part travel, part food show, cameras follow the bleached- and spiky-haired Fieri around the country as he visits hole-in-the-wall joints that capture the American spirit. And on Capitol Hill, that could be any number of establishments.

And while ITK can’t reveal the name of the restaurant, as a fan of “DD & D,” here are some tips to improve your chances of being caught on camera: The show usually films during off-peak hours, when there are only a few customers present. And it prides itself on finding authentic “greasy spoons,” so no need to blow your paycheck on lunch at Sonoma.

Wherever the cameras end up, it’ll be a big deal for the restaurant: Fieri’s show has a cult following and has spawned numerous cookbooks, a blog and more than a few road trips.