• The picture won a Bristol-based photographer this year’s Best Wildlife Photographer.
  • It took almost a week to capture the moment.
  • The image is being praised as an offbeat look at how city-life and wildlife are still connected.

The tiniest moment on a London Underground platform is now winning awards. 

Sam Rowley’s “Station Squabble” — a picture of two mice fighting over a few crumbs in a subway station — has been picked from more than 48,000 images as this year’s best wildlife photograph from London’s Natural History museum. 

It's been a lifetime dream to succeed in this competition in this way, with such a relatable photo taken in such an everyday environment in my hometown,” Rowley said in a release. “I hope it shows people the unexpected drama found in the most familiar of urban environments.”


Rowley was crowned the Wildlife Photographer of the Year by LUMIX People’s Choice Award. His picture will be displayed at the Natural History Museum.

“Station Squabble” beat out images of baby rhinos, jaguars, orangutans and arctic reindeer. 

[Sam’s] image reminds us that while we may wander past it every day, humans are inherently intertwined with the nature that is on our doorstep,” Sir Michael Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum, said in a release. “I hope it inspires people to think about and value this relationship more.”

To capture the moment, Rowley did what any wildlife photographer would do: blend into the background and wait. He spent nearly a week in the London Underground tunnels, lying flat on his belly to get the right perspective, NPR reports. In the few seconds it took for the mice to squabble over the food scraps, Rowley got his shot. 

So how did the food fight end?

One of the mice left triumphantly with the crumb, and the other scampered away. 


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Published on Feb 13, 2020