Story at a glance

  • Jeff Bezos said that demand for passenger space flights is already high.
  • He, along with three other passengers, took the first Blue Origin commercial flight into space.
  • He said Blue Origin’s sales revenue is approaching $100 million.

Jeff Bezos’s historic flight into space is far from his last trip off Earth, with his next trip looking to include more commercial passengers in response to a projected growing demand.

Speaking during a presentation following his space travel company’s successful launch, the Blue Origin founder said that many people are ready to pay for tickets for a ride into space. 

“The demand is very, very high,” he said, per CNBC. Bezos added that Blue Origin is approaching $100 million in sales revenue. 

During the first flight of the company's New Shepard, the auction for a seat aboard went for $28 million. 

While the New Shepard was crewed with only four commercial passengers, Bezos clarified that the goal of Blue Origin is “to fly human missions twice more this year.” However, he is unsure of what the exact number of crewed New Shepard launches will occur in 2022.

Prior to more streamlined ticket sales and flights, the company intends to undergo more testing in Texas to research both cargo and passenger flights.

“We really do want to practice with this vehicle, so we’re going to have to build more boosters ... to fly more frequently,” Bezos noted. 

Published on Jul 20, 2021