Story at a glance

  • A low pressure system moving along the East Coast is slated to bring snow, rain and wind.
  • Temperatures will drop on Christmas Day.

Just one day ahead of Christmas, meteorologists predict problematic weather that could cause travel delays, thanks to a low pressure system headed toward the eastern U.S. reports that into Christmas Day, the eastern U.S. could see snow, rain and wind that could soon become treacherous.

The Washington Post notes that tornadoes may grow to be a potential threat for southern cities.

Northern metropolitan areas including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. will mainly face heavy snow and rainfall along with gusty conditions, while southern cities like Raleigh may be threatened with a tornado.

The winter storm will cause temperatures to fall on Christmas morning, with the D.C. metro area already facing heavy rainfall. This will extend up to Vermont and New Hampshire.

On average, 1 to 3 inches are expected for the entire region. Still, heavy rain and flash flooding is possible, especially as warmer temperatures are expected to trickle in later in the week.

“There is still a considerable amount of snow water equivalent (SWE) sitting in the snow pack as much warmer air and heavy rain arrives,” the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center wrote.

Wind speeds of roughly 40 to 50 mph are anticipated in the metro areas of D.C., Philadelphia and New York City. 

Up north, wind speeds may rise, with New England’s southerly regions predicted a handful of 65 mph winds.

Bottom line: the closer to the coast, the more hazardous the conditions.

Two additional weather systems will approach the West Coast by this weekend.

Published on Dec 24, 2020