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Tornados, severe thunderstorms likely to hit US on Tuesday

Parts of Louisianna, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee are at a moderate risk of thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes.
Severe thunderstorms which could spark tornadoes are expected to hit the mid-south on Tuesday, Nov. 29. (Image via National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. )

Story at a glance

  • About 30 million people from Texas to Illinois are expected to be affected by severe weather on Tuesday.  

  • Sections of northeastern Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and southwestern Tennessee are at risk of severe thunderstorms and some strong and long-track tornadoes.  

  •  Much of the same area saw severe late-season tornadoes last year.  

Severe weather is predicted to sweep over parts of Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee on Tuesday.  

As a cold front makes its way east from the Rockies, showers will start in the mid-south Tuesday morning before turning into thunderstorms by the afternoon, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.   

And as heavy rainfall drenches parts of the lower Mississippi Valley, the dreary weather is expected to spark a few strong tornados in eastern Arkansas and northeastern Louisiana.  

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An area stretching from northeastern Louisiana, northwestern Mississippi, southwestern Tennessee and southeastern Arkansas has the highest risk of seeing tornadoes, hail and damaging winds.  

Much of the same area was devastated by a series of late-season tornadoes around the same time last year. But forecasters predict Tuesday’s potential tornadoes will be far less deadly.  

Flash flooding is also a risk for some areas during the thunderstorms, the agency added.  

Some of the tornadoes that touch down on Tuesday could be “long-track” tornadoes, which stay on the ground longer than normal twisters, the agency warned.  

Roughly 30 million people in Texas to Illinois are expected to be affected by Tuesday’s severe thunderstorms, according to AccuWeather.