Story at a glance

  • Climate change protests blocked traffic in downtown Washington, D.C., on the morning of Dec. 6.
  • The protest centered around the World Bank headquarters and was aimed at spurring the financial institution from divesting from fossil fuels.
  • This is the latest in a growing list of Youth Climate Strike protests going on worldwide.

Climate change protests in the nation’s capital blocked roads around the World Bank headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C., during the morning commute on Dec. 6, the Washington Post reports

The activists are being led by the same group that organized a September protest that formed blockades at 15 downtown intersections before chaining themselves to a boat near the White House. That protest led to 32 arrests. 

This week’s protest began around 8 a.m. at George Washington University and began marching towards the World Bank. A spokesperson for Shut Down D.C. told the Post the groups had targeted the World Bank to demand that it “fully divest from fossil fuels immediately.”

The protesters blocked several intersections, with organizers saying they were hoping to cause “as much traffic disruption as possible.”

The demonstration is part of the Youth Climate Strike movement. At 11 a.m., the protest plans to converge with the weekly Fire Drill Friday protest in Franklin Square, where actor and activist Jane Fonda is expected to speak. The combined group is then slated to continue on to an undisclosed “bank investment firm” to demand a swift end to the financial institution’s support for the fossil-fuel industry.

“Not only do the leaders of the major financial institutions know that they are contributing to the biggest existential crisis of our lifetime, they are preparing for it,” Raegan Davis, an organizer with Code Pink and Shut Down D.C., said in a statement. “We know we can stop climate chaos, and if financial institutions would rather profit than help us, then we will shut them down until they change their minds.”

Published on Dec 06, 2019