Story at a glance

  • James Murdoch, the youngest son of Rupert Murdoch, criticized his family’s media conglomerate for not accurately covering climate change.
  • As the entire family intends to donate funds to bushfire relief, News Corporation editorial pieces fail to connect human activity to climate change and natural disasters.
  • This problem extends to Fox News and Australian newspapers, according to the Daily Beast.

James Murdoch, son of media and publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch, joined his activist wife Kathryn in publicly criticizing the Murdoch family’s media titan News Corporation on its climate change coverage. 

Some of the subsidiaries of News Corporation include Fox News Channel, The Australian and The Herald Sun newspapers. 

According to reports, James and Kathryn “are particularly disappointed with the ongoing denial among the news outlets in Australia given obvious evidence to the contrary.” The couple is reportedly frustrated with the continued denial of climate change and its global impact as bushfires ravage Southeast Australia.

Multiple outlets owned by News Corp have featured editorial pieces that work to debunk any link between human activity and climate change. 

While Kathryn and James’ views on climate are well established, neither Rupert Murdoch nor James’s brother Lachlan — who oversees daily operations at Fox News — appeared to comment on climate change or the family dispute. 

Lachlan and his wife Sarah have pledged $3.5 million dollars to bushfire relief, while Rupert and his wife Jerry Hall pledged $1.4 million to the same cause.

News Corporation itself announced on Monday that it will donate $3.5 million to disaster relief as well. 

In a statement made on Monday, Rupert Murdoch said that “It is clear that confronting the bushfire disaster in Australia requires both an immediate response and an ongoing investment in rebuilding the lives and livelihoods of those most affected by the fires across the country.” 

James Murdoch currently serves as a board member for News Corporation, but runs an investment firm called Lupa Systems


Published on Jan 14, 2020