Story at a glance

  • Salla, Finland, released a video requesting to host the Summer 2032 Olympics.
  • The campaign underscores the adverse effects of climate change.

The remote Finnish town of Salla launched what appears to be an optimistic campaign to be the home of the Summer 2032 Olympics. Although, looking deeper, it’s actually a warning of what climate change could bring to the snowy wilderness.

Located in Lapland, Finland’s Arctic region, Salla stands to see its natural ecosystems melt as global temperatures rise with increasing amounts of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Mayor Erkki Parkkinen spoke to the Finnish press about how the bid to host the summer olympics in 11 years is really meant to raise awareness for the disastrous effects of climate change, The Associated Press reports.

By 2032 — when the Olympics are supposed to take place — Arctic landscapes will no longer exist in places like Salla due to projected climate change, making it viable to host a major summer event like the Olympics.

“If we haven’t succeeded in halting climate change by then, it is too late. We want to keep Salla as it is, and our winters cold and full of snow,” Parkkinen said. “So, there was this crazy idea to host the Summer Games in one of the coldest towns on the planet.”

The town even came up with a mascot: a reindeer named Kesa, which means summer in Finnish, along with “the other 10,000 reindeers in Salla.”

The bid to host the summer Olympics is part of a larger campaign, Save Salla, and offers tips on how individuals can do their part in reducing the hazardous effects of climate change.

Published on Jan 31, 2021