Story at a glance

  • The new Little Pine lifestyle collection will direct 100 percent of its profits to six animal rights organizations including Mercy for Animals and The Good Food Institute.
  • Moby has been vegan for 32 years and owns the Little Pine, a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles.
  • He first made the decision to become vegan based on his love for animals, but has since realized the additional benefits for the environment, the climate and human health.

Musician and animal rights activist Moby launched a new line of clothing and accessories last week, and all of the proceeds will benefit animal rights organizations. The collection, which ranges from t-shirts and water bottles to journals and art prints, is an extension of Moby’s Little Pine restaurant in Los Angeles. At Little Pine, people can enjoy vegan meals while knowing the restaurant directs all of its profits toward animal rights organizations.

“It's the idea of winning people over through attraction and not promotion,” Moby says of Little Pine. “We don't criticize people's lifestyle choices. We just simply provide what we think is a really wonderful alternative.”

Moby has been vegan for 32 years and says he first made the decision because he loves animals. As time passed, he says that he realized that “animal agriculture wasn't just bad for animals” and “it was also bad for the environment, for the climate, for human health.”

The new Little Pine lifestyle collection will benefit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, The Good Food Institute, Mercy for Animals, Direct Action Everywhere, Animal Equality and The Humane League.

Published on Nov 18, 2019