Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has been teasing U.S. locations for a new Gigafactory that will manufacture Tesla’s electric vehicles, having most recently issued a survey on Twitter asking users if it should be in Texas

Now, Musk has returned, tweeting that his company is currently searching for locations for a new U.S. factory. 




This tweet was followed by another that confirmed “Model Y [crossover] production for east coast too,” indicating the new facility would likely produce both the Model Y for the East Coast market and the Cybertruck, its new futuristic utility vehicle, which is due to deliver preorders this spring, according to The Verge.  

This plant would join the two Gigafactories — the name for the company’s massive manufacturing plants — currently operating in the U.S.: one in Buffalo, N.Y., and another in Storey County, Nev. TechCrunch reported that Nashville is being optioned as a potential location, and globally, there is a Gigafactory located in Shanghai, China, and one under construction near Berlin, Germany. Tesla also has a plant in Fremont, Calif. 

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Musk said that the decision as to where to construct a new Gigafactory will depend on economic factors like access to a large labor force, state incentives and logistics. 

“Incentives play a role, but so do logistics costs, access to a large workforce with a wide range of talents, and quality of life,” he told The Wall Street Journal via email.

Published on Mar 11, 2020