Story at a glance

  • Raúl Hernández Romero, a tour guide at the El Rosario monarch butterfly sanctuary, was found dead in Mexico.
  • His death comes just days after the manager of the sanctuary, Homero Gómez González, was found dead nearby.
  • Officials have not made a connection between the deaths, but some are looking at illegal loggers who are known to be in conflict with conservationists.

Days after the funeral of Homero Gómez González, Raúl Hernández Romero was found dead on Feb. 1 at the top of a hill in the El Rosario monarch butterfly sanctuary in Michoacan, Mexico, according to the BBC

He had suffered a deep wound to his head and was covered in bruises, the BBC reported. Hernández Romero was found two days after Gómez González's funeral. 

Gómez González, who was found dead in a well near the same sanctuary on Jan. 29, had managed the sanctuary site, the largest and most frequented of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Michoacan, which is known for high rates of crime, is increasingly the site of illegal logging, one of the greatest threats to the monarch butterfly.

Officials have not confirmed any connection between the two deaths, and there are no public leads, but many are drawing a line to the conflict between conservationists and illegal loggers. Logging has been banned from butterfly sanctuaries in the state of Michoacan, where millions of butterflies travel each year in the winter. 

Published on Feb 03, 2020