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Arizona most popular state to move to in 2022

South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee also experienced many inbound moves.
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  • Moving company Allied Van Lines released their annual migration report Thursday.  

  • Arizona, South Carolina and North Carolina had the highest percentage of inbound moves out of all 50 states, according to the report.  

  • The report also found that total moves dropped by 20 percent between 2021 and 2022.

Arizona had the highest percentage of inbound moves last year, according to moving company Allied Van Lines’s annual migration report. 

Last year, 64.5 percent of moves in Arizona were inbound while 35.5 were outbound.

South Carolina came in second place with the most inbound moves last year with 63.7 percent inbound moves and 36.3 percent outbound moves.  

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North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas filled out the top five states with the most migration last year, according to the report.  

Illinois, California, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania saw the most outbound moves last year.  

But overall migration between states plummeted sharply last year. Total moves dropped by 20 percent last year in part due to rising rents, interest rates, and inflation, according to the report.  

Those Americans who could afford to move last year tended to relocate to south, settling in the Sunbelt, a stretch of the southern U.S. from Virginia to California.  

Americans that moved last year tended to pick suburban areas over bustling cities in part to due to the higher cost of living and housing prices in metropolitan areas.  

Work and family were the main reasons behind moving last year, according to the report.  

“People want to live close to relatives, in areas with large homes and low prices,” report crafters wrote. “Weather and access to nature were smaller but significant factors as well.”  

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