Story at a glance

  • Today is Cyber Monday! Find sustainable gifts online like candles, hats, clothing and home goods.
  • We’ve got some recommendations for you.

Cyber Monday is here, but you don’t want to support fast fashion’s practices that are bad for the environment and human rights, right? Right! We hear you — here’s our roundup of stores with the best deals on sustainable products. This way, you can buy gifts from the more ethical companies. 

First up, Green Heart Shop is a marketplace for gifts that are eco-friendly and fair trade certified. On their website, they sell everything from home goods and ceramics to table linens and glassware. 

Next, we recommend checking out Everlane, which sells clothing and includes information about the costs — like materials, labor and transportation — behind all of their products. For each factory they use, the company gives a compliance audit to examine fair wages, reasonable hours and the factory’s impact on the environment.

Don’t miss Nisolo’s Ethical Marketplace, which is making sustainable shopping easier. Nisolo partnered with 21 other brands so you can discover a bunch of sustainable products in one place. You can choose from candles, steel straws, room sprays, sunglasses, travel utensils, hats and more. 

Finally, take a look at RAEBURN — they rework surplus fabrics and garments to create menswear, womenswear and accessories. 

Happy shopping!

Published on Dec 02, 2019