Carbon Dioxide is a natural gas that prevents some of the sun’s heat from radiating back into space, creating the disturbing ‘Greenhouse Effect’ that is linked to climate change. There’s been a lot of initiatives to reduce excessive human-created CO2 from being dumped into our atmosphere. But others are looking at the problem the other way around — and finding ways to remove it once it’s generated.

Carbon Capture works by trapping CO2 at the source, especially from fossil-fuel powered energy plants — the ones burning oil, coal or natural gas. It’s not a new process. The CO2 is removed from other waste products emitted from the plant, then sealed and sent to storage facilities deep underground or in the ocean. 

But more and more innovative businesses are looking to turn the perceived scourge of carbon into a valuable resource. One such company is CarbonCure Technologies, a Canadian company that manufactures a technology for concrete producers that traps recycled CO2 into their products. The gas is converted into a mineral that strengthens the concrete, while helping reduce the world’s carbon footprint.


Some video imagery courtesy of CarbonCure Technologies 

Published on Dec 13, 2019