When you plant a farm in a city, it tastes like the future


When you plant a farm in a city, it tastes like the future

How a San Francisco company called Plenty is revolutionizing the concept of the American farm

From the outside, the warehouse looks like any of the other industrial manufacturing buildings you find in this part of San Francisco. But that's just a facade. When you walk in, it's as if you have entered a portal to another world. In fact, that's exactly what it is. Welcome to the future of agriculture.
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How abandoned strip mines are being rescued by a field of sweet-smelling purple plants


How abandoned strip mines are being rescued by a field of sweet-smelling purple plants

An innovative new company is rescuing the damaged land — and people — of Appalachia.

Jocelyn Sheppard hasn’t always been a lavender and honey farmer. For more than a decade, she was the founding partner of a consulting firm that did market research, business planning, and grant writing for tech startups and nonprofits. But something came up at work that pulled her into a completely different world.
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How to slam dunk a whole basketball court in wild style


Project Backboard is posterizing America’s neglected basketball courts and revolutionizing the art of basketball.

“To be honest with you,” Peterson admits, “it surprises me every time I walk into these spaces. It’s a very physical experience to walk into a 50 by 100 foot work of art. When we’re done, there’s a real sense of energy that comes off the surface.“
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Golf is a hard sport to master...unless you're a rocket scientist


Roy Taylor has invented a cool golf club powered by gunpowder that helps those who have lost the ability to play to enjoy the game again.

Getting around a tough 18-hole course can be tough on even the strongest of bodies, but for those in a wheelchair, those suffering from joint pain or bad backs, and stroke survivors, playing holes can seem out of reach. The PowerGolf club is bringing golf back to those who have lost the ability to play to enjoy the game again.
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Invasion of the robot dolphins!


America's aquariums are wildly popular but highly controversial. Hollywood is coming to the rescue.

We are riding a surprising wave of enthusiasm for aquariums in the United States. They are marketed as popular destinations for families and schools, thriving centers of conservation and education, and also a smart way to revitalize down-and-out city districts. But movies like "Free Willy" and "Blackfish" have raised public awareness of the psychological stress endured by the big stars of the show. Public backlash and stricter government regulations have negatively impacted aquariums and marine parks. Hollywood to the rescue.
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Meet the company that is revolutionizing e-commerce by conquering the mountain of packages outside your front door


Loop is delivering food and household products in an exciting new way: in containers that can be returned and used again.

It’s no surprise that convenient, generalist websites like Amazon are thriving this year as the coronavirus pandemic has forced most Americans into their homes for the long haul. In fact, in March and April, Amazon was even discouraging its customers from purchasing too many items, as the massive influx of orders was causing a shortage of items and shipping delays.
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Starbucks, Chase and a small pizzeria form a unique business triangle in Washington, DC


Branches of two giant corporations and a local restaurant are all cleverly designed to serve the large, local deaf community.

How do you do business without making a sound? Along the popular H Street corridor, two local branches of huge international corporations have been joined by a scrappy Napolitana pizzeria to cater to a locally prominent demographic — the deaf and hard of hearing.
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This company is solving America's food issues one backyard at a time


Love & Carrots lowers our carbon footprint by making sustainable food sources very, very local

The average American has an annual carbon footprint of 16 tons, which ranks among the highest in the world. In fact, it's about quadruple the global average. One of the most significant contributing factors to our elevated carbon emissions is where we get out food, which is often shipped from far away, especially for those of us who live in cities.
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How one restaurateur is feeding the hungry and helping restaurants stay open during the pandemic


The owner of an acclaimed DC steakhouse chain has launched a program called Feed the Fridge

For many children in the U.S., lunches at school are the most important meal of the day. For some, they are the only meal of the day; 22 million children rely on free or reduced-price lunches served by the schools they attend. But as the coronavirus spread through the nation and schools shut down or went remote, it became apparent that children were going hungry. Food banks across the country are falling short of feeding all the kids and adults in need.
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Published on Jan 07, 2021