How Detroit residents are building their own internet

Faced with a stark digital divide, Detroit community groups are mobilizing to build an internet network block by block

Detroit has historically been one of the least connected cities in America, with about 40% of Detroit residents lacking any home internet access at all. Things are changing, though, thanks in large part to projects like the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII), a collaboration between the Detroit Community Technology Project and a network of community organizations. 

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How the miracle of robotic surgery can save the lives of Americans no matter where they live 

With new technology worthy of science fiction, a top surgeon in New York will be able to operate on a dying patient in rural Michigan

Less than half the population in rural America can reach a cath lab within an hour – and that lack of proximity can be deadly. As internet access and connectivity increase around the US and the world, robotic telesurgery will enable patients living anywhere to get access to cutting-edge healthcare much faster, regardless of whether a doctor is in their town, state, or even country.

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Published on May 24, 2021