More reports of suspected cases of the mysterious Wuhan coronavirus are emerging across the U.S., now in California.

The L.A. Times reports that an unidentified passenger traveling through the Los Angeles International Airport on a flight from Mexico City was taken to a hospital early Thursday morning for an evaluation.

This comes as a college student in Texas is reportedly undergoing similar diagnostics for the coronavirus. The first reported U.S. citizen to have been diagnosed with the virus is a Seattle man who remains hospitalized. 

The latest passenger touched down in the United States on an American Airlines flight Wednesday evening. 

In a prepared statement, American Airlines said, “The safety of our customers and team members is our top priority. We are in close contact with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and public health officials and will coordinate with them on any required health and safety-related measures.”

The novel virus first appeared in the city of Wuhan, China, and has since appeared in other Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It has killed approximately 26 people and infected more than 830 people, per The New York Times

Published on Jan 24, 2020