The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed the second official case of the Wuhan coronavirus in the United States in a press briefing today. 

While potential cases have been spotted in Texas and California, a patient in Chicago is now the second U.S. citizen to be officially diagnosed with the novel virus. 

The patient is a woman and a Chicago resident in her 60s, according to a CNN report. She is under quarantine in a Chicago hospital. She reportedly travelled to Wuhan from Chicago on January 13. So far, health officials are saying that she has had limited contact with others since returning to the U.S.

Currently, 63 people in the United States are being treated for potential infection across 22 states, health officials reportedly told CNN

The first official patient diagnosed with the Wuhan virus is a 36 year old man from the Seattle-Everett area in Washington. He is in isolated conditions at a hospital as well. 

The novel virus originated in Wuhan city in China, which is now under quarantine. Cases began emerging across Asia before officially appearing on the West Coast of the U.S. 



Published on Jan 24, 2020