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Through print, online and events, The Hill's powerhouse of vehicles signal the important issues of the moment, and together have earned the reputation of being a complete and comprehensive source of Congressional news. The Hill serves to connect the players, define the issues and engage Washington's decision makers in the debate.

Since 1994, The Hill has reported on the intersection of politics and business, connecting Capitol Hill, K Street, Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue for non-partisan coverage of all factors in legislative decisions. It offers objective and in-depth coverage of Congress, the Administration, business and lobbying, campaigns and more.

The Hill has a print circulation of above 24,000 and is read by opinion leaders, including 100% of Congressional offices, the White House, political pundits, association executives, lobbyists and corporate leaders.

James A. Finkelstein

Bob Cusack


Managing Editor
Ian Swanson

News Editor
Timothy R. Homan

Albert Eisele

Executive Vice President, Digital Video
John Solomon

Associate Editors
Jesse Byrnes
Alicia Cohn
Brandon Conradis
Tristan Lejeune
Meghashyam Mali
Mary Tyler March
Geoff Rowland
Brooke Seipel
Niall Stanage

Creative Director
Ashley Perks

Campaign Editor
Rafael Nam

Senior Web Editor
Kyle Balluck

Managing Editor,
Social Media

Elliot Smilowitz


Senior Staff Writers
Alexander Bolton, Amie ParnesScott Wong

Staff Writers
Avery Anapol, Tal Axelrod, Olivia Beavers, CW Benston, Rafael Bernal, Emily Birnbaum, John Bowden, Ali Breland, Juliegrace Brufke, Michael Burke, Timothy Cama, Jordain CarneyMorgan Chalfant, Joe Concha, Jonathan Easley, Niv ElisJordan Fabian, Aris Folley, Miranda GreenMax GreenwoodLisa Hagen, Jessie Hellman, Molly K. Hooper, Naomi Jagoda, Megan Keller, Rebecca Kheel, Judy Kurtz, Sylvan Lane, Mike Lillis, Cate Martel, Ellen Mitchell, Vicki Needham, Harper NeidigBrett SamuelsAlexis SimendingerPeter Sullivan, Jacqueline ThomsenNathaniel Weixel, Lydia Wheeler, Reid Wilson, Justin Wise, Melanie Zanona

Contributing Writers
Brent Budowsky, Lanny Davis, John Feehery, Judd Gregg, Mark Mellman, Katie Pavlich, Bill Press, David Webb, Juan Williams

Opinion Editors
Christine Ayala, Frank Craig, Donald Gilliland, Cathryn Kulat, Sabrina Malhi, Anjelica Tan, Sandy Tolliver, Tim Weatherhead

Comment Editor
Charles Jordan

Senior Designer
Garrett Evans

News Designer
Nicole Vas

Photo Editor
Greg Nash

Chief Copy Editor
Linda Petre

Copy Editors
John Davis
Emily DeMarco
Candice Tarver

Video Producers
Adam DeRose
Tom Pray
Marisela Ramirez
Lisa Ruhl



Strategic Director
Alison Friedrich

Advertising Directors
Katy McKegney
Tom Tempe

National Account Executives
Brittany Grant
Taylor Mountain

Director of Retail & Classified Advertising
Cynthia Sommerfeld

Advertising Chief of Staff
Beth A. Tray


Manager of Digital Initiatives
Mauro Whiteman
Ad Planners
Kyria Danna
Liz Myers

Executive Director
of Events
Niharika Acharya

Events Manager
Marissa Salzman

Maggie Voelzke

Assistant Producer
Claire Breen


Event & Audience Coordinator
Laila Brothers


Chief Operating Officer
Sheila Casey

Senior Vice President, Digital
Rory McCafferty

Director of Marketing
Kristin Lance

Marketing Manager
Jenn Sharkey

Marketing Graphic Designer
Regan Howard

Circulation Director
Erika Burnett

Director of Information Technology and Services
Gene Sizemore

Systems Administrator
Bena Khosravi

Corporate Secretary
Viktoria Plyam

Office Manager
Alexandrea Vereen

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