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Through print, online and events, The Hill's powerhouse of vehicles signal the important issues of the moment, and together have earned the reputation of being a complete and comprehensive source of Congressional news. The Hill serves to connect the players, define the issues and engage Washington's decision makers in the debate.

Since 1994, The Hill has reported on the intersection of politics and business, connecting Capitol Hill, K Street, Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue for non-partisan coverage of all factors in legislative decisions. It offers objective and in-depth coverage of Congress, the Administration, business and lobbying, campaigns and more.

The Hill has a print circulation of above 24,000 and is read by opinion leaders, including 100% of Congressional offices, the White House, political pundits, association executives, lobbyists and corporate leaders.



General Manager
Jason Jedlinski

Bob Cusack



Managing Editor
Ian Swanson

Steve Clemons

Director of Audience Development
Mike Demarest

Senior Editor
Jesse Byrnes

Campaign Editor
Brandon Conradis

Deputy Campaign Editor
Regina Zilbermints

Associate Editors
Lisa Conley, Tristan Lejeune, Rema Rahman, Geoffrey Rowland, Niall Stanage, Lauren Vella

Senior Web Editor
Kyle Balluck

Production Manager
Linda Petre

Assistant Newsletter Editor
Emily Martin

Senior Staff Writers
Alexander Bolton, Amie ParnesScott Wong

Staff Writers
Tal Axelrod, Monique Beals, Rebecca BeitschRafael Bernal, Maureen Breslin, Zack BudrykJordain Carney, Morgan Chalfant, Joseph Choi, Brad Dress, Saul Elbein, Karl Evers-Hillstrom, Aris Folley, Rachel FrazinAlex GangitanoMax Greenwood, Cameron Jenkins, Laura Kelly, Rebecca Klar, John KruzelJudy Kurtz, Sylvan Lane, Mike Lillis, Lexi LonasJulia ManchesterCristina MarcosCate Martel, Dominick Mastrangelo, Chris Mills RodrigoEllen Mitchell, Harper Neidig, Olafimihan OshinSarah Polus, Sarakshi Rai, Natalie Prieb, Brett Samuels, Mychael Schnell, Rachel Scully, Alexis SimendingerPeter Sullivan, Hanna Trudo, Sharon Udasin, Caroline Vakil, Al WeaverNathaniel Weixel, Jordan Williams, Reid Wilson

Contributing Writers
Brent Budowsky, Lanny Davis, John Feehery, Judd Gregg, Mark Mellman, Katie Pavlich, Bill Press, David Webb, Juan Williams

Opinion Editors
Daniel Allott, Christine Ayala, Frank Craig, Donald Gilliland, Cathryn Kulat, Deborah Todd, Sandy Tolliver

Congress Blog Editor
Charles Jordan

Photo Editor
Greg Nash

Senior Editorial Designer
Valerie Morris

Editorial Designer
Madeline Monroe

Copy Editors
Hannah Alberstadt, John Davis, Emily DeMarco, Syd Kuntz, Candice Tarver

Video Producers
Christian Carter, Adam DeRose, Maris Medina, Tom Pray, Lisa Ruhl, Jordan Uwhubetine



Senior Executive Producer
Kacie Brady

Executive Producer
Gabriela Schulte

Booking Manager
Nora Gaul

Senior Producer
Marisela Ramirez

Veronica Riccobene

Art Director
Jay Haiden

Video Editors
Khalid Brickhouse, Bridget Stahovic



Associate Publisher
Brittany Grant

Strategic Director
Alison Friedrich

Advertising Directors
Meredith Crimmins, Cliff McKinney, Monica Seebohm, Mark Wildman

National Account Executive
Eric Getzinger, Melissa McCarthy

Director of Retail & Classified Advertising
Cynthia Sommerfeld

Director of Business Operations
Wesley Carroll

Account Management
Liz Myers, Matthew Werblin, Alexander Wilson



Executive Director of Events
Niharika Acharya

Director of Events
Katie Gardner

Senior Events Manager
Amal Hijazi

Senior Producer
Sam Jackson

Events and Audience Coordinator
Emily Osiecki

Video & Digital Content Editor
Lisa Williams

Assistant Producers
Hayley Herbert, Kara King



Chief Operating Officer
Sheila Casey

Doug Bachelis, Jane Malan, Michael Texier, Alec Timerman

Circulation Director
Suhana Khan

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