Dem delegate booted after impersonating member of Congress

A delegate from the California Democratic Party was booted from the national convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Sunday afternoon after allegedly impersonating a member of Congress to police.

According to multiple media reports, the delegate returned to the Blake Hotel with another man, who had to be carried into the hotel and placed unconscious on the lobby floor.

Hotel staff called paramedics to care for the man, and when police showed up, the delegate tried to defuse the situation by claiming he was a congressman and that the man had had too much to drink and should be allowed to sleep it off in his hotel room.


Police demanded to see the delegate’s congressional credentials, which he could not produce. The unconscious man was hospitalized and later released.

“This afternoon, California Democratic Party staff met with the delegate who was part of the disturbance in the hotel lobby and asked him to leave the hotel and not partake in convention activities,” California Democratic Party spokesman Tenoch Flores told the Los Angeles Times. “The delegate has apologized to hotel staff and earlier today agreed to leave the hotel and forgo official delegation activities in Charlotte.”

The delegate was not arrested and the hospitalized man has since been released.

“Oftentimes at conventions, people who have not seen each other for a long time gather and sometimes people have too much to drink,” Flores told the Sacramento Bee. “That appears to have been the case here, and we're gathering more information."