Roadmaps to Opportunity: Federal Policy, Poverty and America's Kids

Fifty years after President Lyndon Johnson launched the War on Poverty, economic opportunity for many of our nation’s families and children remains out of reach. Millions of low-income American families with young children face obstacles that threaten their family’s stability and hinder the path to economic prosperity for their kids.

On April 29, 2015 The Hill explored a variety of policy ideas aimed at expanding opportunity for low-income children and their families -- from early childhood education and children’s healthcare, to expanding the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, to strengthening food assistance programs. We examined the state of children in America, how available data can shape public policy, and what statistics show about the impact federal policies may have on future generations. 




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Featured speakers include:

Congressman Chris Van Hollen (MD-08)

Patrick McCarthy, President & CEO, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Lisa Hamilton, Vice President of External Affairs, Annie E. Casey Foundation 

Michael Gerson, Visiting Fellow, The Center for Public Justice and Columnist, The Washington Post 

Isabel Sawhill, Co-Director, Center on Children and Families, The Brookings Institution

Doug O'Brien, Senior Policy Advisor for Rural Affairs, Domestic Policy Council, The White House


Hosted by: 

Bob Cusack, Editor-in-Chief, The Hill


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