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RNC Schedule (Monday, August 24th-Thursday, August 27th)

Daily at 11:00AM Eastern: The Big Questions RNC Edition

Go beyond the headlines with The Hill’s morning briefings. Begin each convention day with the editors of The Hill and the nation’s top political talent. Campaign officials, political strategists and pollsters will tackle the big questions of the day and provide insights on the state of the nation, politics, and policy. Presented by American Petroleum Institute

Monday, August 24

1:00PM Eastern: Energy & National Security

Today, the United States is the world's leading oil and natural gas producer. The transition, from an importer of oil to that of a net exporter has pushed the country toward energy independence. A position that not only has the capacity to power economic growth but can also play a key role in strengthening national security. On the sidelines of the 2020 Republican Convention, The Hill will host a discussion with policymakers and energy experts about the strategic importance of America’s energy independence. Sponsored by American Petroleum Institute

Tuesday, August 25

1:00PM Eastern: On the Agenda: Affordable Housing 

A place to call home has always been a basic need and yet the lack of safe, affordable housing remains an issue today.  As Americans go to the polls in 2020, many are feeling the crunch of economic fallout due to the COVID crisis. This has further uprooted the lives of those living paycheck-to-paycheck and turned “home” into an expense many simply cannot afford. On the sidelines of the 2020 Republican Convention, The Hill will host a discussion with policymakers, housing advocates, and industry experts to explore what can be done to ensure all Americans have access to a safe and affordable home. Sponsored by Enterprise

Wednesday, August 26

1:00PM Eastern: COVID-19: The Way Forward

As election day approaches, the COVID-19 pandemic remains an ever-present threat. While it may look bleak, there remains a bright side: A chance to innovate, be better prepared for future health crises, and improve health care for all Americans. Medical professionals and hospitals, particularly those training the next generation of health care providers, are on the frontlines of this pandemic and were some of the first to adopt innovative methods to overcome the challenges brought on by Covid-19. On the sidelines of the 2020 Republican Convention, The Hill will host a discussion with policymakers and hospital and medical school leaders about lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of research, education, and innovation in battling health care crises, and the value of a resilient and responsive health care ecosystem. Sponsored by Association of American Medical Colleges