RNC Edition: COVID-19 & The Way Forward



As election day approaches, COVID-19 remains an ever-present threat.

The US now has more than five million cases and over 160,000 deaths due to the virus. On top of these numbers, the pandemic has brought societal issues that have long gone unaddressed bubbling to the surface, including racial health disparities, and the need for a more robust health care infrastructure.

While it may look bleak, there remains a bright side: A chance to innovate, be better prepared for future health crises, and improve health care for all Americans.

Medical professionals and teaching hospitals are on the frontlines of this pandemic and were some of the first to adopt innovative methods to overcome the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

To combat this deadly virus, new patient care delivery methods have been implemented in hospitals across the nation and there is greater recognition of underserved groups and socio-economic disparities that have made COVID more lethal for certain patients.

On the sidelines of the 2020 Republican Convention, The Hill hosted a discussion with policymakers, teaching hospital and medical school leaders about lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of research, education, and innovation in battling health care crises, and the value of a resilient and responsive health care ecosystem.


WEDNESDAY, August 26

1:00PM EDT/10:00AM PDT


  • Rep. Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-TX), Member, House Ways and Means Committee
  • Kirk A. Calhoun, MD, FACP, President, University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler
  • Mary E. Klotman, MD, Dean and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, Duke University School of Medicine
  • Marschall S. Runge, MD, PhD, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Michigan, and CEO, Michigan Health
  • LouAnn Woodward, MD, Vice Chancellor, The University of Mississippi Medical Center and Dean, University of Mississippi School of Medicine


  • David J. Skorton, MD, President and CEO, AAMC
  • Karen Fisher, JD, Chief Public Policy Officer, AAMC


  • Steve Clemons, Editor-at-Large, The Hill

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