The Hill Presents: A More Perfect Union

America didn't just happen; it was created in order to advance the human condition, to give rise to democracy, to sculpt a nation of opportunity, values, and rule of law. That experiment continues to this day and while achievements abound, "the idea that is America" remains short of its promise.

America is worth the effort -- always learning from the past, evaluating, reconsidering, debating, improving.

In October 2021, The Hill's A More Perfect Union gathers national and global political leaders, policy innovators, and thought provocateurs for a consequential forum on some of the most urgent, challenging issues of our time.


Tuesday, October 26th - Thursday, October 28th
Daily programming beginning at 11:30 AM ET/8:30 AM PT


Full video for Tuesday, October 26

Full video for Wednesday, October 27

Full video for Thursday, October 28


For the full list of speakers and agenda, please click here.


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*Editorial note: While it is generally our policy that sponsors of programs not participate in editorial programs, we feel the leadership of these companies is important to the national discussion of advancing the American economy and have made an exception in this case.