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The Hill’s A More Perfect Union Festival

America is continually a work in progress, forever being reimagined by bold ideas, whether they arise from the public or private sector, or from pioneering inventors, entrepreneurs and corporations. The pandemic accelerated the “Great Reinvention,” forcing Americans, policymakers and businesses to re-evaluate values, conventional wisdom, and business models

A More Perfect Union 2022, The Hill’s second annual multi-day tentpole festival, explores and celebrates America’s best big ideas through the lens of American Reinvention. We will convene political leaders, entrepreneurs, policy innovators and disruptors, and thought provocateurs to debate and discuss some of the most urgent, challenging issues of our time.

Wednesday, December 7th – Emerging Technologies:

All industries are ripe for disruption and technological advances often prompt those changes. AI, machine learning, robotic automation, VR/AR, blockchain, the internet of things are all innovative and evolving technology trends constantly changing the face of business. How did the pandemic speed up digital transformation and innovation? How are businesses keeping up with changing tech trends?

Thursday, December 8th – Reinventing the American Economy: Small Business and E-Commerce:

How are record inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, and labor shortages contributing to the changes in businesses? How are innovative companies disrupting the way businesses are organized? During the pandemic many small businesses had to pivot quickly and find new ways to reach their customers through e-commerce platforms. E-commerce sales grew 50 percent during COVID-19, so what is the future of digital retail? How can technology encourage business growth? And who are the future disruptors of digital commerce?

Friday, December 9th – Consensus Builders:

A recent Pew analysis finds that, on average, Democrats and Republicans are farther apart ideologically today than at any time in the past 50 years. Extreme polarization creates a kind of legislative catch-22–zero-sum politics means we can’t get bipartisan majorities to change our institutions, while the current institutions intensify zero-sum competition between the parties. Post-midterms, where do we find “the missing middle”?


Wednesday, December 7th: Emerging Technologies

  • Andrei Papancea, CEO & Chief Product Officer, NLX
  • Rina Shah, Geopolitical Strategist, Investor, & 6xEntrepreneur
  • Emily Landon, CEO, The Crypto Recruiters

Thursday, December 8th: Reinventing the American Economy: Small Business and E-Commerce

  • Robert Doar, President, American Enterprise Institute
  • Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
  • Emily Glassberg Sands, Head of Information, Stripe

Friday, December 9th: Consensus Builders

  • Aliza Astrow, Senior Political Analyst
  • Ryan Clancy, Chief Strategist, No Labels
  • David Eisner, President & CEO, Convergence Center for Policy Resolution
  • David Jolly, Former Member of Congress, Political Analyst


  • Paige Magness, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Altria


  • Bob Cusack, Editor-In-Chief, The Hill
  • Steve Scully, Contributing Editor, The Hill


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