Mark Hannah: Younger Americans are less likely to have a positive view of America

Mark Hannah, senior fellow at The Eurasia Group Foundation, said younger Americans are less likely to think that America is an exceptional nation.

“There’s this belief among young people who have come of age in a world where the United States’ actions within the world have been inconclusive at best and unsuccessful at worst,” Hannah told Hill.TV. “This generation didn’t live through the heady successes of the Cold War, let alone World War II.”

He added that “by overextending America’s military in the world, [the United States] is squandering a sense of patriotic pride or a sense of exceptionalism among young people.”

However, Hannah thinks that a decline in positive feelings about American exceptionalism isn’t a bad thing. He suggested that American leaders should take this view as an opportunity to correct “decades of overconfidence by the United States.”