Boundless: How 5G technology is going to change the world

A 20th century scientist once said that a city is more than just a place in space, it’s a drama in time. But what we all want to know is, what will the city of the future look like?  The answer? Cities getting smarter, with a leading role to be played by 5G technology.

Every day, city-dwellers interact with their local systems—traffic, public safety, communications, energy, the list goes on. But the real show-stopping breakthrough is when all these systems get smart and start interacting.

That’s what the evolution of a smart city is all about.

In this episode of “Boundless,” we’ll take a look at how 5G is transforming connectivity in all of the different aspects of city life, from power-saving street-lights to hyper-efficient energy grids. Cities all over the world are growing in size but with that growth comes challenges like traffic, air quality, and affordable housing.

Make no mistake: In the future, 5G technology won’t be a luxury, it will be woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

This question of how we harness technology is the drama of our time. It’s a story of how smart cities will fundamentally change the way we live. The possibilities are limitless.