Emergency medicine doctor says telemedicine devices are key to health-care advancement

Telemedicine devices will play an integral role in advancing health care in communities, Basil Harris, the deputy chief of emergency medicine at Lankenau Medical Center, said in an episode of Hill.TV's "Boundless" that aired Wednesday. 

"The tricorder and the 5G network, and being able to connect these devices to the caregivers is really helping advance us in being a healthier community," Harris told Hill.TV.

"Without this type of information, we are just responding to illness as it rears its head. We are just responding to crisis over and over again," he continued. "If we can extend this information into the mainstream, into the community, it's helping maintain health." 

Harris uses the tricorder, a device patients can use to gather information on their health and then send to doctors. Harris said the device helps gather information that physicians need to help make a diagnosis.

Using a tricorder, Harris demonstrated how the device is made up of a series of sensors that doctors can interact with. 

"There's different ways and different modes that you can use it. It's basically a monitor to get your vital signs," he said.

"Boundless" is a multipart Hill.TV documentary series focused on technological advancements. 

— Julia Manchester