Marketing executive says 5G will improve factories of the future

The director of product marketing and digital solutions for manufacturing at Hitachi Vantara said in an episode of “Boundless” that aired Wednesday that 5G technology will improve factories in the future. 

“When you look at the whole problem from a smart factories perspective, the field assets require deterministic, low latency, quick responses,” Sath Rao told Hill.TV. 

“Therefore, 5G actually has the promise to actually deliver on connecting these insights or connecting these devices and delivering on some of these insights as well,” he continued. 

“For the factories of the future, it’s all about outcomes, and what becomes critical for successful outcomes is time between insights to action,” he said. “I think the missing block in the puzzle was the availability of 5G technology. With that missing block, I think we are able to achieve the vision of the factory of the future much [more] quickly.”  

“Boundless” is a multi-part Hill.TV documentary series focused on technological advancements. 

— Julia Manchester

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